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This session was shot way back in April and I thought I had blogged it – but apparently I didn’t so many apologies!

It was one of those days in April when the weather was so nice, or so we thought. Sun was shining but there was one heck of a cold winter wind still kicking around.  Devan came out and we literally winged it. I bought some fabric, some safety pins and some netting and literally – we just went with it. I went from photographer to designer when I wrapped her in this stuff. Literally this shoot was used to inspire, bring me back to basics and just need nothing to photograph. It was a simple location which didn’t offer me much, but it forced me to make my model steal the show (she did it so well!). I suggest to any photographer out there to do it some days when feeling burnt out. Stop worrying about styling your shoot, creating a theme or making it into a huge deal. Just roll with it.

So here it is. All natural light, used a gold reflector for some of the shots


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carla duffey - July 10, 2011 - 3:35 pm

I love it when you go out to do a shoot and there ins’t a whole lot in your mind for insipation but it just rolls so good and you end up with some more favorite images!!!
Love these and as always all your pictures!!!!
thanks for all the technical stuff too, its great , your great
truly an inspiration!

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