crystal + edwin | edmonton wedding photographer

Crystal and Edwin were my first local wedding of the 2016 season here in Edmonton and I was lucky enough to join them at the Wedge Wood Room; one of the Hotel MacDonald’s most stunning rooms (in my opinion!). Loaded with ethereal light, stunning crown mouldings and just a vibe of romance you can’t go wrong.

The first thing I would say about these two is that they are soul mates. The story of how they met was adorable and beyond funny. Edwin is truly a prince charming; and Crystal is his princess. Crystal you’re a timeless beauty, one who is elegant and carries herself with such grace it was hard to not feel like I was photographing a celebrity your wedding day. The way you two mesh together was effortless, and the way you moved with one another left me able to just push a button and click.

I felt honoured to be there; and capture such cherished moments.

Congratulations to you both; it was so hard to narrow your wedding down to just a few simple photos. I wish you both years of happiness.


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rachelle + mike | edmonton engagement photography

I always bug my Dad about how old he is getting; eventually I knew karma would bite me in the butt for this.
Like the moment when one of your dearest friends’ little sister is getting married. You still remember them as the little girls running around when you went over to play. Now she’s all grown up, a beautiful young woman getting married.

Old. I feel really old. I don’t like it.

But needless to say I felt blessed to work with Mike and Rachelle. They invited me out to the location of their future home and it does *not* disappoint. It was photographer heaven with acres upon acres to explore, including their own private lake. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to photograph this location with!

Beyond excited to capture their big day next year!

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apryl + errol | edmonton engagement photography

Errol and Apryl traveled down from Cold Lake, Alberta to have their engagement session with me. I was so excited to finally meet this couple! We laughed, made an awkward situation fun and got to chat about their big day. Apryl you’re a stunning woman and I can’t wait to see you on your wedding day. Congratulations to you both and excited to travel to Cold Lake this summer for the wedding!

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