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This day was filled with drama – it was crazy!
My original location of Fort Edmonton was squashed when we discovered it wasn’t open. Okay so we head to the secondary location I pull from my butt – bummer it’s being demolished and we can’t get in. Super bummed. We are stuck in rush hour down town so we do what any brave women would do; we shoot in a back alley. Although this shoot did not go according to plan, I have to tip my hat to Nica Stone for organizing so much of this shoot. She is a brilliant model and recommend her talent to anyone. Courtney joined us and I am so happy to have worked and to be working with her in the future. Enjoy these photos I know you’ve all been waiting a while!




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marco - January 9, 2012 - 9:23 pm

I think you all did a very fine job with the photo shoot. When you work enough shoots. You’ll find things always change. Thus one of the greatest skills of being a pro photographer is being able to adapt quickly. Outdoors shooting, the weather can be your greatest enemy. In studio work, equipment failure!
In this case I give you an applause! BRAVO

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